Chicks on Boards.

We all have things we turn too when we’re going through hard times.20130621-142431.jpg
Alcohol, friends, sex, or if you’re me, you go skateboarding. Sadly while I was going through difficulties with my ex boyfriend, I managed to snap my last board.
The first thing I was set on getting as soon as I moved to Tampa was a new board, and why not a longboard since it is Tampa I was moving to.
Yesterday I purchased my first Sector 9 longboard. And I’ve spent every free moment I have on it. Finally I feel like I’m back to the person I was before Asheville.
Finally getting back to being myself again and doing what I love.


Hopeless Romantic.

In my prime dating years, I’ve repetitively heard the term, “I’m a hopeless romantic.”
Particularly from men.
Okay, actually only from men.
Even just last night I had a man call me, and in his lonely frustration, cursed himself for being “a hopeless romantic”.
But what is it that you boys think a hopeless romantic is? Because the men that have been throwing that term around are truly the most selfish people Ive come to know.

So you want to find love? You want to find a soul mate? You want things to be easy?
Yet you push away the women that care for you and want to be there for you. You refuse to fight for that love, you want it to walk up to you and say “I’m here, I’ll take care of you, and I’ll stay right by your side even though you won’t treat me right.”
Basically from the men who have told me they were “hopeless romantics”, it pretty much means they are lonely and pity themselves because of it.tumblr_mnjkramoPh1r0o13po1_500
But that shouldn’t be the definition.
Hopeless Romantics should love, love. They should be passionate and romantic. They should put more effort into others than they do themselves. If you are lazy and self centered, then you probably had your heart broken, because someone you loved left you, you just can’t fathom why, and you pity yourself for it.
Hence, you using the term, “hopeless romantic”.

In my eyes, it just looks hopeless.
There is nothing romantic about a man being mad he’s alone.

Your Typical Tampa Bar Experience.

As two single women, me made the decision most single women make on a Friday night.
We were going to make dairy free milkshakes, watch Musicals, and dye our hair.
But of course, last minute we were ripped away from our plans of being social inverts, to going to one of the local Taverns.
Me being the fresh Tampa meat, I was the wingman for my gorgeous room mate.
Yes, I was Goose and she was Maverick, and we both wore our leather and heels in honor of that.
But clothing set aside, we meet up with the lads at the bar.
Greetings are made and drinks are divided among us.
And even though I wanted to follow one of the servers/bartenders around all day if he would have let me, I had not ordered a drink.
Topics were in dire need, but of course the first thing people want to do is talk about my tattoos. roll eyes.
Turns out that the man I was standing across from had “Allons-y” tattooed across his foot (a very nerdy Dr. Who reference).
So I slipped of my heels to show him my Dr. Who “Bowties are cool”, socks I happen to be wearing.
The most heated drunken hour long rant between 5 men and myself pointing and yelling at eachother, arose from the depths of Mordor.
We touched the heated topics of Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr. Who, Iron Man, The Hulk, Superman, Spiderman, Marvel Comics, JJ Abrams, The Avengers, all Comics in general, Disney’s approach to Star Wars… Ext.
After about 30 minutes of us screaming over eachother, the owner of the comic book store yells “STOP!” We all come to a
Screeching halt.
“I have never, in all my years, seen a girl so passionate about these things.”
My throat was so sore, yet I managed to let out the biggest laugh.
By the end of the night that man had made multiple calls to managers, and promised to find me a job, possibly two, at two of the best paying restaurants in my area.
“Wow, nerds really look out for nerds.” I laughed as we exchanged numbers.

I am getting along so well here. This is becoming more and more my home every day.

Focusing on photon torpedoes rather than proton torpedoes.

Last night I managed to scavenge up enough money to take myself and one other grueling Star Trek fan to see Star Trek: Into Darkness.
Let me star out by saying that I don’t have as many cruel words about Abrams as I thought I would, considering how cynical Trekkies can be concerning the entire structure of Star Trek when pitching it to an uncultured audience (usually fans of everyday SciFi or action films), but I’m happy to announce that after much consideration, I am actually pretty impressed, and not to mention slightly excited by what Abram’s approach might be to the upcoming Star Wars.2e6cxu9
But this post is not about Star Wars, as it usually is. But about Star Trek, the redheaded stepchild of most Science Fiction.
The problem with essentially remaking The Wrath of Khan is that you’re asking yourself to be geekily judged by the very high standard of Trekkies around the US.
I’m sure Abrams knew this when as he began working on the film. Abrams managed to take something that is solely based upon instances where there is a curious spatial anomaly in the astrometrics lab and an unexplained burst of tachyon particles from a nearby nebula has cause a wormhole.
This is what Trekkies love, and expect, and wait on the edge of their seats for. Abrams however made these moments almost nonexistent and focused more on the action-packed, dramatic ending, rather than mysteries to be explored.
Respectable, I suppose.
I suppose these are the things viewers hope for.
But the film dearly lacked important Trek-lingo that gave (my favorite) Voyager and the other Trek iterations their distinctive feel. I missed the babble and rambling of spacial distortions that is not scientifically possible.tumblr_mnpk9veZ1N1qe24emo1_500
Abrams did not give the Star Trek feel, it was much more like Star Wars than anything. Its preference for violence and political intrigue rather than science and exploration.
Baby Kirk quoted at the end of the film, “To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.” it was pretty bittersweet to listen to a line that we, as Trekkies, had heard over a hundred times, yet it was to sum up the ending of a film that did not have the soul of Star Trek.
It was upsetting to watch as Abrams approached those “new worlds” with phasers rather than tricorders.
That is NOT the Star Trek way.tumblr_m9q7fcNFKY1rehzdoo1_500My bitter Trekkie heart was a little sore. However Abrams managed not to derail Star Trek, but give you the feel that you just watched Will Smith curb stomp some aliens in Independence Day.
Which in once instance I loved, but like I said… That is NOT the Trek.
A couple other nitpicks I had toward the film was the looseness of the uniforms makes them lose someof the military-ness. This is the MILITARY, not cosplay.
Kirk would have NEVER sent his senior officer into a volcano. That shit is for redshirts, and redshirts only. There was no reason for Spock to be down there except to get Uhura all emotional.

Spock crying. Yes, it was sweet that Spock was all choked up about Kirk’s death (which is Spock’s death at end of The Wrath of Khan), but that is NOT Spock.
He would have sat there in silence, he never would have expressed such emotion.

Khan’s blood was not known to regenerate OTHER cells than his own. Where did Abram come up with that bullshit?

And one of the things that pissed me off the most were the Klingons. THOSE WERE NOT KLINGONS. Those things looked like the gay Persian God, Xerxes in 300 Movie.

BUT! The whole cast was rock-solid, honestly it was such an awesome thing to see Star Trek going from being KNOWN for their chronic horrible actors, to having some of the most extraordinary actors of our time. Benedict Cumberbatch was (for lack of better words) breathtaking at his performance as Khan.tumblr_mnpk9veZ1N1qe24emo2_500
I was (to put it lightly) disappointed that they decided to pick a pasty white British man to portray a genetically engineered superhuman from India, I have no idea how they messed that up. But that doesn’t sway the fact that Benedict did a superb job, as usual. Also Simon Pegg’s portrayal of Scotty was one of the most stand-out performances of the movie.
He was able to truly give the feel of Scotty, original Scotty. Which was such a relief because he is such an important piece of the series.
Overall, I kept in mind what Abrams said about the film – it’s for movie fans, not Trekkies.
He did provide the us with some “inside jokes” of the past. So, he did not completely forget about this audience. It was a movie for everyone.I recommend everyone – including Trekkies – to see it.
Abrams is trying to open it up to everyone wanting to see a good sci-fi movie. Star Trek Into Darkness isn’t a bad movie.
I even admit to the fact that it was a fucking badass fucking movie (even though it’s the new poster-child for sequel mistakes).
But what can you do?
I’m just one of the many Trekkies out there in the world who may ever be truly satisfied.



Saucy Saturdays.

I don’t care what any woman in a serious relationship says. We LIKE to be flattered. We LIKE to go out and be reminded that we are actually appealing.

We go for long periods of time being casual with our significant other, it’s only those rare few guys out there that make you feel truly beautiful while you are together over a long period of time.
But women need to be wooed and spoiled and hit on from time to time. I often ind myself being hit on when I go out, and it helps so much with my self esteem. I often forget that I’m attractive in the least, I often doubt that I have anything appealing about me at all. It so important to be reminded that yes, you aren’t disgusting.

There once was a Jew.

It’s hard when you’re boyfriend hates your bestfriend, simply because he is a man.

The bald, retarded looking guy you see in example A, is the man I consider one of my very best friends, and my brother. He has been there for me, and with me during the most brutal and terrible months spent in Franklin. We got eachother through a very cold winter, after our close friends all moved one by one.


Looking at our friendship from the outside, I can see how it would look questionable. But no one has ever dug so deep into the friend zone as this man right here. He’s given me the best advice in the world, and even some terrible advice. He has also never once given me a reason to doubt him or question him.

By boyfriend doesnt trust him for a second, and I understand this. But my boyfriend doesnt understand how important Foster is in my life.

You cant just push away your best friend. Im sorry he has to be a man. I’m sorry you dont trust me, or him.