There once was a Jew.

It’s hard when you’re boyfriend hates your bestfriend, simply because he is a man.

The bald, retarded looking guy you see in example A, is the man I consider one of my very best friends, and my brother. He has been there for me, and with me during the most brutal and terrible months spent in Franklin. We got eachother through a very cold winter, after our close friends all moved one by one.


Looking at our friendship from the outside, I can see how it would look questionable. But no one has ever dug so deep into the friend zone as this man right here. He’s given me the best advice in the world, and even some terrible advice. He has also never once given me a reason to doubt him or question him.

By boyfriend doesnt trust him for a second, and I understand this. But my boyfriend doesnt understand how important Foster is in my life.

You cant just push away your best friend. Im sorry he has to be a man. I’m sorry you dont trust me, or him.


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