————– Don’t be easily offended —————–

–I’m Ann Marie; and i live in my own little world–

Im the happiest mess i know.
I’m Young
I’m Intricate
I’m High on Life
I’m Independent.
I’m a vegan, Veggy Head Freak.
I’m a Blog-Extremist.
I’m an Above & Beyond Extraordinaire.
I live the life of a Massive Geek, a Total Bro, a Metal Head, & a Fangirl.
I’m a Lover of the Martial Arts, Volcom, StormTroopers, & Tea.

I lived in Franklin, NC for 20 years, and since then I haven’t stayed in one place for very long.

I don’t like conflict or confrontation, I avoid it well.

I’m a Trekkie, a StarWars fangirl, a Whovian, a Hobbit, and a BrownCoat.
Live long and prosper.

I had to toughen up at a young age.

I have numerous tattoos. My body is a temple, and I choose to decorate it.

My spelling is atrocious.

My texting etiquette is also atrocious.

Being called “different” is best compliment i could get.

I enjoy raising the roof. I will never turn down a good roof raising.

This female generation needs to gain some self respect before they gain a fist to the face.

My knuckles are permanently scarred.

I’ll interrupt you like Kanye, and beat you like Chris.

Most don’t know how sick I am, but don’t treat me any different just because of it.

I have my black belt in American Kenpo, and I love the martial arts more than i could love any man.

I hate technology. Yet love documentation.
“Bèl dan pa di zanmi.”

I always have at least one Volcom thing on, daily.

Bad company ruins good morals
Corinthians 15:33

-And those who criticize our generation forget who raised it.-


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