Your Typical Tampa Bar Experience.

As two single women, me made the decision most single women make on a Friday night.
We were going to make dairy free milkshakes, watch Musicals, and dye our hair.
But of course, last minute we were ripped away from our plans of being social inverts, to going to one of the local Taverns.
Me being the fresh Tampa meat, I was the wingman for my gorgeous room mate.
Yes, I was Goose and she was Maverick, and we both wore our leather and heels in honor of that.
But clothing set aside, we meet up with the lads at the bar.
Greetings are made and drinks are divided among us.
And even though I wanted to follow one of the servers/bartenders around all day if he would have let me, I had not ordered a drink.
Topics were in dire need, but of course the first thing people want to do is talk about my tattoos. roll eyes.
Turns out that the man I was standing across from had “Allons-y” tattooed across his foot (a very nerdy Dr. Who reference).
So I slipped of my heels to show him my Dr. Who “Bowties are cool”, socks I happen to be wearing.
The most heated drunken hour long rant between 5 men and myself pointing and yelling at eachother, arose from the depths of Mordor.
We touched the heated topics of Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr. Who, Iron Man, The Hulk, Superman, Spiderman, Marvel Comics, JJ Abrams, The Avengers, all Comics in general, Disney’s approach to Star Wars… Ext.
After about 30 minutes of us screaming over eachother, the owner of the comic book store yells “STOP!” We all come to a
Screeching halt.
“I have never, in all my years, seen a girl so passionate about these things.”
My throat was so sore, yet I managed to let out the biggest laugh.
By the end of the night that man had made multiple calls to managers, and promised to find me a job, possibly two, at two of the best paying restaurants in my area.
“Wow, nerds really look out for nerds.” I laughed as we exchanged numbers.

I am getting along so well here. This is becoming more and more my home every day.


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