Falling out of Love.

If you’ve ever been in love, you know how it is. A relationship in the first flush of love is so exciting. Your heart beats faster when you think of your dear one. You make up any excuse to be together, and all your free time revolves around them.Your circle of friends expands to include theirs, and with their encouragement you try some of the adventurous things you never dreamed could. And your friends and family are so happy for you.
Time passes and things change.
You begin to discover not only who you are, but who you are in relation to them. Some of it is good, some of it not as much.
And then they change a little, too. You begin to see who they are and learn what you can expect of them
And it’s still good. You can adapt, accept them for their flaws. You will not abandon.

And things change still more. Communication breaks down. You’re spending more and more time trying to fix things and make them work as smoothly as before.
It’s not easy. Because of the time you’re investing, you begin to feel more isolated from the ones you love.
The warm glow you used to feel has disappeared and been replaced by frustration and disappointment.

And you wonder, is it worth it… Is this worth it.

The Day Job.

Today we had a patient come in for a routine X-ray. As I brought her from her waiting room to the X-ray room, I noticed that she was dressed nicely with a pink cardigan and black slacks, she held a purse in one hand and a jacket in the other, she had short black hair with signs of greying. She heard me with little difficulty and walked just as fast as I did down the halls of the building. She was slightly short tempered but didn’t speak much. This woman was born on September 22, 1918. This would make her 94 years old.
I was astounded. When you work in an orthopedics office, you see people in there 50’s who look like they’re on they’re deathbed. But this lady was 94, and just a lucid as you and me.
Amazed by her, we asked, “What is your secret for looking so young at 94?”
Without hesitation, and almost irritation she answered, “I just don’t worry about things all the time.”
You can imagine the look on my face.
This woman’s unbelievable aging secret is not to stress. Not to stress about work, or money, or your shitty relationship.
Well I’m screwed… Why haven’t people figured this out earlier? It’s such a simple thing. Don’t stress. Just breath. Don’t stress.