The Common Anxiety Attack.

Today I realized that I haven’t had any type of anxiety attack in 43 days.20130814-232738.jpg

 This is such amazing news.
This is such an improvement in my life.
Anxiety attacks have been a huge struggle for me, and the fact that Ive gone over a month without one is astounding.
God is good.


Twenty Two Years Not Dead.

Today is my twenty second Birthday.

My twenty second year corrupting this galaxy with my loud obnoxious lingo, and outrageous acts of weirdom. In these twenty two years I have found myself associated with some of the most extraordinary situations, and interesting people.
If you know me, and listen to my story, you know that my life has been one lucky toss of the dice after another.
Constant blessings.
For most if my life I’ve considered myself to be one of the most blessed and lucky girls ever to walk this crazy weird planet. And to put it bluntly, this past two months have been the most exciting and entertaining of them all.
Everything has fallen into place so perfectly for so long, that I’ve found myself bracing for impact from some type of future oncoming Borge ship of bad news.
Am I seriously waiting for something bad to happen? That makes no sense.

Last week, one of my friends was diagnosed with cancer. I’ve spent a good portion of time with him in the past two days, and it’s really inspired me concerning the type of person I am, compared to most of our human race.
This man is 25 years old, and was told that he could die in 1, 5, 10 years- they truly don’t know. That’s usually how cancer works.

But isn’t that how life is anyway?
Aren’t we just as unsure when our time is up when we are healthy, as we are if we’re diagnosed with a terminal illness?
Why is it that it takes a person telling us that we will be dying at some point in our life, that be begin to actually feel like we should be living our life?
Does that make any sense? No.

I can’t stand how some people approach life. As if movies and videogames will fill the void enough to pass the time, rather than going out and meeting and living and not just simply existing.
Some people disgust me. But we’ll get into that later.

The Barefoot Fighter.

Guess what Fit Fam. It’s Brutal Thursday once again! Every night when everyone caters to their Thirsty Thursday routine, I’m at the gym, slaving away for 4 (or more) straight hours of constant weight training and cardio.
I do this twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I can honestly say I’ve haven’t been this in shape since my competition days in karate.
I’m so proud of myself. The only true support I’ve had during this journey is a very small handful of people I’ve come to meet at the gym. For the most part, the majority of the people I am close with are not supportive whatsoever. Convincing me that I’m

Overdoing it

and that I’m

Taking fitness too seriously

I just need to make some things clear about how serious I take fitness.
Fitness is the only thing in the entire world that I am talented at. FITNESS is my ONLY talent. It is the only thing I am proud of and I’m better at than the average person. I am a talented athlete. That is all I have. I don’t have musical talent, or academic talent. I have push yourself farther than anyone else in the room, and keep pushing until you are the last one standing talent.
So don’t you DARE tell me that I’m over doing it. This is what I love, and I depend on it greatly.

Gluttony day. Love it anyway.

This is my 21st Thanksgiving. 21 years of spending Thanksgiving at my grandparents house with my entire family. But this will be ther very first year that I will not only be having thanksgiving with my family, but also my boyfriends family. I’ve never felt so thankful in my life. I’ve never had so many things to be proud of. This is going to be the most wonderful day 🙂


I was right. The most amazing day with two amazing families. My throat is sore for all the laughing and loving life.  Never been more content with the world.

My amazing ThanksGiving consisted of:

Wasabi, edamame hummus.


Sweet potato baked fries.

Steamed Broccoli.

And my homemade detox juice.

Suck it America. I dont play no games, no mater what the holiday.