Go home winter, you’re drunk.

Thanks to the fact that I’ve been documenting every moment of my life since I was a tween, I’ve made some pretty obvious observations. Like the fact that every winter I get dreadfully hateful and borderline depressed.. and then every summer I feel like I’m the freakin king of the world and could take on a damn army single handedly.
Luckily this year I’ve have a couple of different variables in my life compared to the 20 other years. But I’ve definitely been feeling the stab of my traditional winter gloom. I’m really trying to keep a positive mindset until summer rolls around, because I’m sure my poor boyfriend is about ready to lock me in a closet.
On a different subject, I’m really considering picking up a second job. you know, cause my first job isn’t already dreadfully stressful, i dont have to deal with ridiculous people all day, it doesn’t take up all of my time, energy, and my sane mindset (sarcasm).
I just really, really miss waiting tables. I miss dealing with costumers, NOT patients… Okay really I just miss working 5 hours and making 100$.
Christmas has completely sucked me dry, and I really don’t want to start having money problems… Okay I really just want to be able to go out and not worry about how much I’m spending.
Ahhh the motivations of a 21 year old.


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