New Years… abridged.

I can honestly say that this New Years was completely different to how I normally spend my New Years.. Yelling and screaming with a drink in my hand and a couple dozen of my closest intoxicated friends. This year I actually watched the ball drop, I had only my boyfriend and our two good friends with me. I cooked hot wings, Guacamole, and salsa instead of bringing whiskey and noise makers. Ha! If 20 year old me could see me now, I would have rolled my eyes at me and call me an old vagina. I would have been right. hahaha

A step by step of my New Year Eve.
DSC_9104Beverages prepared.

DSC_9108Pico de Gallo + Guacamole made.

DSC_9113Hookah smoked.

DSC_9103Countdown made (Taylor and Mickey Lottes)

DSC_9131StarWars watched.

DSC_9136Battle Royal!


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