December Thirtyfirst.

The very last day of 2012. It’s at this point you may come to realize that the thing you’ve been wanting to do all year, will not be done. You’ve officially set this year in stone as of today.

Why dont you just dwell on this year. How did you do? How bad did you fuck up? Or how much did you achieve?

Personally. I think I did pretty damn good with only one year to make things happen. In a matter of one year, I was caught up in a very unhealthy romance. I had broken a heart. I had gone through depression. I had every one of my closest friend move away from me. I had met a stranger out of the blue, who I later started dating. I had graduated college. I had quit an amazing job after 3+ years. I had moved to Asheville, NC to live with a man I had only met 5 months earlier. I had moved away from my family for the first time in my life, becoming the first person in my family to move away from Franklin in 20 years . I had gotten a very ‘professional’ job at a doctors office. I had gotten a promotion. I had fallen in love. I had kept in contact with my closest friends. I had met a lot of people and learned many things, it’s unbelievable that so many changes could happen in a matter of 12 months.
But what now? What is this upcoming year going to bring me?
Every year I read about people’s New Year Resolutions. And usually it’s all talk.
It’s weird how everyone in the country feels like tomorrow is the official day to make positive changes in their life. I’ll never understand why the start of a year is a better time to make changes than anyother day in entire the world.
Oh your fat and unhappy? You’re totally right, why don’t you wait until January 1st to try and make things better and go to the gym. Because that’s the only day all year that you can try and better yourself….. No idiot. You should have made some life changes a long ass time ago.
January 1st should not be spent telling yourself that things are going to get better, it should be spent with you congratulating yourself on being successful and happy and making great choices in the past year.
I may never fully understand the human race and the traditions that we find necessary. Even when I was a young girl I thought New Years Resolutions were a load of crock.
In conclusion. Think about it. Why are you waiting until January 1st to better yourself? You had to have know this needed to happen a long time ago.
People are lazy. I struggle to act like I don’t care about how lazy people are.
Stop dreaming up ideas on how you could be smarter or nicer or more attractive. Just take care of yourself and put other people’s feelings before your own. It really can’t get much simpler than that. I promise.


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