The oral surgery blues.

It’s day three post oral surgery!

I’ve officially taken my last hydrocodone, and trying to analyze the situation before I “sober up” and start feeling pain again.

In these three days –
I’ve had a man bring me a huge stuffed Chewbacca and Star Trek: Into the darkness. Which we watched, and he found it hilarious that I slept through the entire movie (drugs), but only woke up to talk crap about curtain scenes that they messed up on.
I told him to read my blog.
The Savannah’s have taken better care of me than I ever remember being taken care of.
I mean, in my entire life.
They wake me up every 6 hours (which include 1am and 7am) to help me take my medicine. They have bought me soup, Gatorade, icecream, and not to mention PAID FOR MY SURGERY.
They’ve returned RedBox movies Chris brought over, and filled uncountable bags of ice for my face.
In my entire life I never thought I would have not only one, but two friends that put me before themselves. I couldn’t feel more blessed than I do now. I honestly have no words for how important these girls are in my life. I never would have made it through this surgery without them.

Drugs and a Foggy brain.

At last the surgery that I’ve been dreading for six months is over and done with.
Now I sit in my bed with copious bottles of pills open next to me. I sleep more than anything. I’m sure as soon as I finish writing this, my body will insist I drift back off to sleep again.
But sleep is good, it’s been quite rare for me to enjoy sleep these past few months, so I’m not bothered by this new and unusual sleeping pattern.
I don’t mind sleeping all the time, the more I sleep, the less I think, and that’s been doing me well.
Everyone gets lonely when they’re not feeling well, and I find myself craving someone that is no longer in my life.
I find myself with a man laying next to be, yet completely uninterested in him, even after he brought me adorable gifts, and is as sweet and charming as he can be.
I’m sorry.. There just isn’t anything there. But thank you. I suppose.