We can help you.

Somehow the emphasis doesn’t seem sincere. Does it?
It’s been a long bumpy road these past five months. Five months of sleepless nights spent alone, wondering what went wrong five months ago, and when will things start getting easier.
In the past two weeks things have really been toppling over me.
Work has slowed down so much that it’s almost nonexistent.
I don’t even want to think of how few hours I’ve been working.

My wisdom teeth have to be pulled and I have to come up with about $1,400 for the extraction.
My car just broke down, and in the end I’m down $700, plus I’ve been without a car for an entire weekend.
My phone was stolen, and even with insurance I was $260 in the hole.

Almost two thousand dollars later I’m basking in my stress. Will things get easier?
My step mom happened to text me only hours after I ran my stressed heart out.
“We can help you.” she says to me.
I want to cry just thinking about it. Such incredible people her and my father are. I’ve never had people be there for me like they are. Always when I need them most, they’re there.

My heart is overflowing with love right now. I can’t even think about money.

Everything will be okay.


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