When Strangers See It Too.

God has touched me in so many ways in the past four days, I just have to write now, collaborate later.

“I saw you on a treadmill wearing highheals. You were running as fast as you possibly could, with your arms reached out infront of you, reaching for something.
You were running and running and stumbling and catching yourself. And then after running as far as your body could take you, you reached out and hit the stop button.
The treadmill slowly comes to a halt, and you just fall back into someones arms. Completely drained of every last breath you could muster.
You just collapse. Laying there in his arms”

The man that spoke these words to me is almost a stranger. An acquaintance you might say.
He had been one of the men at the bible study I had joined my father at.
He had seen me sitting there and hugged me tightly, after about an hour into he bible study he stopped everything to tell me this.
This is a man that knows nothing of my life, a man that could not possibly know the relevance this vision (for lack of better words) had.
My heart was in my throat. How can someone know things like this about me.
God is so powerful.