Are you happy with your life?

Browsing through blogs, I came across the question..

“Are you happy with your life?”

It’s out of habit I’ve found myself answering,

“Oh yes absolutely! I’ve never been better in my entire life.”

Yet I still find myself looking back in the past, and missing it more than i am glad it’s over.
I miss how things use to be, and the fun I use to have. I miss my friends and being able to go out with them every weekend and laugh and enjoy life together.
These days I don’t see much of that anymore… Actually I don’t see any of that at all ever anymore.
I’ve found myself being very lonely. Even more lonely than that year I spent single and living by myself. I’ve found myself in Asheville with zero friends that I can spend time, and talk with. That’s all I want, just some good people, and to enjoy the cool things in my town. I’ve done almost nothing fun and interesting, in one if the most interesting towns.
I’m so frustrated, and becoming very.. Negative.. I guess you could say. There is nothing I look forward to anymore, except for the slight chance to hangout with some friends in Franklin over the weekend.
I’m hoping that once the Christmas season is over, things will get a little less stressful, and life with hopefully brighten up for me a bit. That’s really all I need right now.
Because for me being such an optimistic person, it’s extremely hard on my heart to be so pessimistic.


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