Do what you love while you’re young.

Today is the first weekend in almost 3 months that we will get to spend together, doing whatever we want.
That is because yesterday Bucky quit his job as a satellite technician, and will be living his dream running a music studio in the new house. It takes a lot for someone to forget about money (which is usually the only thing people truly care for), and work for there dreams.
Bucky has talked about running his studio since as long as I’ve known him. It is what he is truly passionate for. And now, with plenty of motivation from his friends and girlfriend, he finally took the leap of faith. I’m loaning him $1,500 to get the studio started, and on our first Saturday off together, we are going to Charlotte to get everything he needs to start out.

I’m so happy to be helping him on this journey.

I may never understand why it is so taboo for someone to do what they love, rather than do something that makes them miserable but pays well. It’s the American way I suppose.
Bucky has been working an average of about 70 hours a week, we get about 3 hours before bed to spend time together, and he get about 2 days off a week that he spends usually working on music.
No one should spend there young life doing nothing but working a job they dont enjoy.
Thats what Im doing, and thats how people become depressed.

I couldnt be more happy with our decision. I see good things in our future.

Colossal Studios


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