So healthy, yet never well.

I’ve been really having problems with my health lately… Honestly I’ve been having problems with my health for years, but it’s really starting to show lately. It will always come in flairs, and I’m assuming this is a flair. I just cant seem to feel healthy lately. I’m constantly trying to push aside and ignore  nausea, abdominal pain, and hives.

Everything I eat makes me feel sick, and nothing seems to help. I’m sick and tired of hearing myself complain about it. I’d rather just try and ignore it. I’m usually pretty good at that. It’s just so difficult to ignore pain, and not let if effect my everyday life. 

I take such good care of myself, considering the average american.

I exercise constantly.

I eat nothing but health food.

I pound back water all day long.

I’m always taking vitamins and supplements.

I’m practically a walking health magazine. You would think that being so strict on myself, I would have something more to show for it. Like GOOD HEALTH.

I spent so much time going to doctors for the past few years, if I never see the inside of another doctors office, I would be the happiest woman alive. I have never once had a doctor truly help me and relieve me of any pain. What makes me think that something might be different now.

I cant stand people feeling bad for me, or people trying to fix me. Id rather fix my own problems…. so far I’m not doing too well on that part.


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