Slightly Farther Away.

Today it’s really become clear to me how much I’m missing in my friends lives. The friends that I really feel the closest too, and the friends that have always been there for me. I dont really have anyone to go to when I just need to hangout and talk and spend time together. Go thrift shopping and spend time in little coffee shops eating and drinking over priced foods and not giving a shit because you’re enjoying yourselves.

I dont have many close friends, but the ones that I do have, I cant believe I’m living my life without them. I’ve always considered one of those cliché “I only have guy friends” girls. But right now I am truly and deeply missing my girlfriends. There arent many out there.. there actually is like only two out there. And I cant help myself but miss them more and more everyday I’m away from them.

One of those girls is the beautiful (inside and out), and amazing Savvy Selby. For a woman that I was never friends with while we lived in the same town, its amazing we have grown so close with so much distance between us. Savvy lives 11 hours away from me and means the absolute world to me.

The other woman who is the reason why I am who I am today, is Lindsey Newton. She is probably the greatest human being in my eyes, and I dont know where I would be without knowing her. It’s so difficult being so far away from her.

As of a few short months ago, she has moved almost 40 hours away from me. We have always been so busy throughout out lives, but now that we are apart, it’s like we never had enough time to be there for eachother.

Our lives have completely taken 360 degree turns into new lives, and we cant even bee with eachother every step of the way.

Its almost scary. I dont remember my life before her, and I never thought we would be apart.

I dont have any really close friends here right now. I’m actually pretty worried that I wont be able to fnd any close friends that I can truly relate too. All I do is spend time at the gym, go to work, and blog. Not really a lifestyle to be meeting people.


My boyfriend is great, but he isnt a friend. I cant talk to him about.. him. Or clothes and anything along those lines. It’s hard for him to understand I’m sure, but this is difficult for me.

And of course there is Foster. The closest male friend I have. It so difficult to not be

able to hangout with him every night at the gym. We had become such great friends over a matter of a couple of months. Foster lives 3 hours away from me, which doesnt seen like that big of a deal. But we almost never get to see eachother anymore. Out of all of my friends, he was the one that I was able to talk to everyday, no matter what out scheduled looked like. We always made time. And it’s always difficult to tell him that I cant hangout because my boyfriend doesnt trust him. It difficult.



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