Organic, faretrade, sustanable locals

For this being the hottest year in Western NC since I’ve been alive, it has been seemingly dark and cold.

North Carolina (and our surrounding states) have had the feeling of loss and chaos for months now. With the recent election weighing on our minds, forest fires have been taking out our beautiful mountains hundreds of acres at a time. Smoke has been seeping into towns and burning our lungs and hearts.

So much loss has come out of these past few months, yet still, this battle with nature has only brought the South closer. Southerners are tight knit, and bubbling with kind words and thoughtful gestures. When Brad and I moved back to North Carolina, we weren’t sure what we were to expect. I have had such a bitter taste in my mouth for the mountains for so many years.

I remember telling my parents that all I wanted to do was to live somewhere that I could look out as far as my eyes would allow, and not a single mountain would stop my gaze. Yet here we are, nestled right in Asheville North Carolina. The home I never knew was there. It has only been 4 months since we loaded up everything we owned and moved the 700 miles from central Florida, to the most culturally excepting and diverse city in North Carolina.

To put into perspective how life in Asheville hasbeen these past few months, this morning we woke up by 9am to a great December 2nd (also a pay day, so bills were to be paid!). Brad; dressed in his uniform, and me in boots, leggings, and a sweatshirt (WG alert) wrote out our check and made our way down a curvy back road, and up a long dirt driveway to drop off our rent. Brad jokes how this would be completely unheard of in Florida, as we are driving through the icy fields of miniature horses and cows. After a few minutes of banter with our landlord and her husband, we hop back in the car and make our way to our storage unit to pay THAT bill (isn’t adult life exciting). As soon as we enter the small facility, the woman knew Brad by name, and exactly how much he owed. That would have never happened in Florida. We hop BACK in the car singing Christmas tunes and ready for some morning coffee! We swing into the closest Starbucks from our house. As soon as we get in line the Barista calls to us over two other customers, “Our espresso machine is down! I can still make your cold brew, but I wont be able to make your quad-shot!” We might order the same thing pretty often.  Looks like we’re getting hot coffees today, and we make our way out of Starbucks with large coffees in our hand.
My heart is so full, and Asheville is everything I could have ever dreamed of. It’s so unbelievable that we have only been here for such a short time, yet the feeling of welcoming covers us like a warm blanket everywhere we go.

Life is good and beautiful here in Western North Carolina!


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