Simply daydreaming.

Two years ago I was single and alone, I dreamed of my perfect man, in hopes that I might one day find him soon. Today I came across this description of my perfect man, and unbelievably enough.. it sounds exactly like the one I am with today.

God sends countless blessings, and he is my largest and most important.


I can picture him perfectly.
His messy brunette hair, and clean shaven face offset his gauged ears and skillfully tattooed arms.
His slender fingers pluck softly at an acoustic guitar. His converse shoes tap the floor with the song.
His attention pulls away from the guitar. His deep blue eyes glance up, a smile slowly stretches across his face.
Two dimples appear on either cheek. His beautiful white teeth tuck back away as he glances back at his guitar.
His worn superman shirt grips his biceps tightly. His back muscles move with each fret.


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