Office quotes.

The last week that I spent at the office, I began writing down all the sweet and funny things people had told me concerning me moving.
Just for the soul purpose that when I look back Ill remember the good, and not just the bad.


“We’re going to do Gluten free shots before you leave. I’m going to ferment something in my house for you.”
“The sad part is that when you leave, I’m going to have to start doing my job and actually fix the computers, instead of you doing it.” -The IT guy
“Chris said he knew you would fit in Tampa just fine when he saw you dance the other night””It’s going to get boring again, Annie”
“But.. Whose going to fix the computers? And our iPhones?”
“I already dread how quiet it’s going to be after you leave.”
“The Tourist players are gonna miss you when they come back for their follow up appointments.”
“We’re gonna miss that bubbly personality.”
“You’re just so happy very day, you’re the happiest person I know! Isn’t she the happiest person you know?”
“We’ll, you’re too good of a person. In the sense that you do good for everyone else and not yourself.”
“You’re like our daughter. We are so proud of you.”

And the one that really choked me up.

“Annie, you don’t come across a heart like yours everyday. I have never met someone your age so selfless. You walk around here laughing, and humming and singing, and you never let the world beat the life out of you. You’re a strong one, Annie. One of the few.”


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