Dont mess with a FanGirl’s Fandom.

You know what troubles me. Trying to figure out how I am going to break it to future generations that there exists not only 3 (for now) horrendous prequels to the Star Wars trilogy, but that in my day, there was a version of the original trilogy released with putrid CG effects, unnecessary cameos, the asinine liberties, and  I loved every second of it. Now Star Wars is completely remade with new effects and completely new scenes. Okay, I can handle this (simply because they do look completely badass) But I see many more changes in Star Wars. IF IT AINT BROKE, DONT FIX IT, DAMN IT!

As if enough wasn’t screwed up in the world, Disney went and bought the Star Wars franchise. Leave it alone Disney; don’t screw up a good series. Create another manufactured pop star or whatever you gotta do, just don’t continue the storyline after Return of the Jedi . All was right with the galaxy. The prequels were seriously treacherous enough. Let’s leave it that way.

The Future of Star Wars:

Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

Star Wars: Episode VII – 2015
Star Wars: Episode VIII – 2017
Star Wars: Episode IX – 2019


I’ll always support Star Wars. And believe you me.. I went to Star Wars weekend at Disney and it was one of the most amazing days of my life. But what is Disney going to do with this new power over Star Wars. They can change it any way they want now… WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!? WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO MY WORLD?! The plus side– George Lucas has donated his 4.05 billion dollars of blood money to a good cause.


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