The Routine.

You have a routine. Everyone follows one. It might not be as strict and unwavering as some, but everyone is walking around knowing what their average week is going to look like.

For the past year my routine has been basically the same thing.

School, Work, Gym with Foster, Go home to an empty house, Fall asleep watching some sort of horror film.

And let me tell you what, reading old journal entries, its pretty clear that I was depressed off my gourd. Luckily Foster and I kept each other sane. For two very non-Franklinites living in a town we absolutely despised, it was surprising we lasted. All of our friends had moved away all over the country, and there was very few of our original group still stuck there. We both had to hold out until school was over, and then he was peacing out for Athens, GA and I was peacing out to the Military.

Now routine has completely shifted into big kid mode, and I’m up everyday at 5:15 in the morning to get to the gym before work at eight. I’m home usually by six and in bed by 9:30 to start it over again. And I love it. You absolutely cant beat waking up next to the man you love, and coming home to him. We both work so much, and we both have brand new jobs, but I have yet to find a downside to our busy lives. You know.. other than us always being to exhausted to clean the house.


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